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Super Bowl LVIII: 270B’s Favorite Ads

The Super Bowl is arguably the biggest advertising event of the year – at least in America. After some deliberation, 270B’s account team offers you our humble opinions on what we thought were the best ads in the Big Game (yes, we were insufferable at our watch parties).

Amber Grunewald – The DunKings & Michael CeraVe

I love funny Super Bowl ads, and this year, The DunKings had me giggling. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s friendship and collaborations are always great – it’s fun to just watch them be silly – and this instance is no exception. The behind-the-scenes videos added an extra layer of fun to the campaign. How do you like them donuts?  

Source: https://news.dunkindonuts.com/news/dunkin-dunkings-super-bowl-commercial-2024 

A close runner-up for me was Michael CeraVe, the social media and influencer marketing leading up to the Super Bowl had me excited to see what they had up their sleeves. What a perfect collab and a hilarious spot!

Source: https://www.cerave.com/not-developed-with-the-actor-michael-cera

Cierra Ramey – Javier In Frame

My favorite Superbowl commercial was one from Google because it resonated very personally for me. The purpose was to highlight one of their new AI-powered accessibility features on the Pixel camera – Guided Frame. Guided frame uses a combination of audio cues, high-contrast animations, and haptic (tactile) feedback to help people who are blind and low-vision take photos.1 

The ad follows “Javier”, a partially blind man who documents his life from finding love to starting a family, using the new feature.

I appreciated how meaningful the ad was, especially for the disabled community. They were able to tell an impactful story while still showing off the product and how it works – all in 60 seconds.

Source: https://blog.google/products/pixel/superbowl-ad-2024-watch-javier-in-frame/

Elise Adkins – Having a Blast

I liked Mountain Dew’s Having a Blast. As a strong-willed introvert, I relate with the sentiment of “do the dew”, especially in social gatherings – making it work, but with a bit of sarcasm to get through. The cast selection of Audrey Plaza and Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation used their iconic personalities to drive the message, making it clear and simple. If you have a Mountain Dew, you can “have a blast” in any situation.


Source: https://admeter.usatoday.com/2024/02/06/aubrey-plaza-nick-offerman-super-bowl-commercial-2024-mountain-dew-baja-blast/

Jeffrey Lefkovits – Born to Play

My favorite ad from this year’s Super Bowl was NFL’s Born to Play. I loved the cinematography of the commercial, as well as the fact that they’re using their platform to make a difference around the world. With the vibrant, fast-paced action scenes were fun to watch and really held your attention, and the hopeful open ending was extremely touching. With this, the NFL was able to deliver their message with inspiring and engaging storytelling in a way that felt completely genuine and true to their campaign purpose.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/13/sport/super-bowl-commercial-nfl-osi-umenyiora-ghana-spc-spt/index.html

Kagan Baker – Like a Good Neighbaaa, Agent State Farm is There

From Super Bowl 2024, I most admire State Farm’s Like a Good Neighbaaa. Not only was it a good laugh to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger stumble over the brand’s iconic tagline “Like a good Neighbor, State Farm is there,” but it was brave on the brand’s behalf to be lighthearted on such a big stage. State Farm continues to do a nice job remaining culturally relevant and supporting the campaign in a full 360 approach – including press teasing the “90 second movie,” with additional help on radio and digital channels.

Source: https://adage.com/article/special-report-super-bowl/state-farm-wins-usa-today-super-bowl-2024-ad-meter/2541141


Mady Tran – Hard Knocks

Super Bowl ads are typically meant to be lighthearted to keep spirits high for the Big Game, but the ad that stuck out to me the most was Dove’s heartfelt Hard Knocks. Hard Knocks is a bit less serious than many of Dove’s other ads – with the clips of young girls falling and failing in their respective sports, often with big smiles on their faces – but the tone fits well with the rest of the Super Bowl brands while still staying true to Dove’s larger campaign message.

Personally, I’ve been an avid Dove supporter since middle school (their ad Peek-a-Boo is a big reason why I’m in the advertising industry today) and I love the sweet, nostalgic feel of their Self Esteem campaign spots. As someone who used to be a young girl in a sport, and has dealt with body image issues because of it, Hard Knocks hits very close to home for me.

TLDR; I love Dove’s Self Esteem campaign, I loved Hard Knocks. The largest sporting event in America was the perfect placement for an ad like this one.

Source: https://www.ogilvy.com/work/hard-knocks


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