270B is a minority-owned business

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270B is a minority-owned business

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Inside 270B

I wasn’t expecting much from my first job out of college. I graduated in the middle of the pandemic when everyone was burnt out from quarantine and nervous about the impending recession. I thought I’d have to settle. Being hired as an Account Coordinator, a position that fits my career path and personal strengths at a company that actively fosters my growth, was much more than I could’ve hoped for at the time. After a year and a half with 270B, here’s what I’ve gathered about the team.

The Company

270B is a small but fast-growing digital agency with 17 employees between our US and Brazil offices. Because of our team’s size, we all wear a bunch of different hats to cover our workload.

Even as an entry-level employee, I’ve been brought into a variety of projects that have helped me learn about the advertising industry and account service as a career path. It’s exciting to have a stake in things I might not have been able to touch at a larger agency, and things are never boring with all the hustle and bustle.

Because we aren’t as siloed into our own departments, learning is always encouraged at 270B. Since being hired in 2021, I’ve been repeatedly told that if there is anything I’m interested in learning about – coding or graphic design or analytics, related to my position or not – that it’s always okay to ask questions. The people on our team who specialize in those things will even occasionally host “office hours” to teach others about what they do.

On the more official side of the spectrum, we had the opportunity to be part of a leadership lecture program led by Ken Stibler, meant to strengthen us as a team and help us learn about ourselves as individuals. Throughout the course, we discovered our own strengths through assessments such as Clifton Strength Finders and the DISC personality test, visualized the direction of the company together, discussed what works for us and what doesn’t, and built a stronger team dynamic. It’s something I think we’re all grateful to have done together.

The Team

One of the most important things to me about 270B is the team culture. Beyond a workload that always keeps you on your toes and an education-forward environment, my coworkers make me feel cared for as an individual – not just an employee.

With our supervisors, we discuss what we want out of our careers and find ways to reach those goals together. As someone just starting out, it’s helpful to have higher ups who are willing to advise me about my career path, regardless of where that path leads to in the future.

In addition to this openness in giving advice, there is a lot of openness in taking it as well. In meetings and brainstorms, it’s allowed and encouraged to offer ideas no matter your position. Teams are assembled based on personal strengths rather than seniority, and Alessandra and Kristian Bottini (the owners of the company) are always around for any questions or concerns we might have.

Overall, I’m not only grateful, but proud to be a part of the 270B team. We’re a group of people who are dedicated to putting out good work and making each other the best possible versions of ourselves.


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