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Big Game 23
Field Goal Feast

270B helped us create this fun game that’s encouraging consumers to incorporate a delicious, healthy snack into their Big Game event, and possibly score sports swag while they’re at it

Sergio Trujillo Brand Manager for NatureSweet

The Opportunity

NatureSweet’s tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers portfolio is perfect for any game-day feast – with uses ranging from cooking in chilis, slicing and placing on sliders, dicing for guac, and of course, SNACKING.

Despite no budget for a Big Game TV spot, NatureSweet® tasked us to make their brand part of the Super Bowl conversation…no easy feat when you’re competing with brands on TV trying to accomplish the same goal, so our solution needed to be unique.

The Story

We channeled our 90s nostalgia for “finger football” and developed a mobile game called
Field Goal Feast.

We used the unique oblong shape of NatureSweet Cherubs® as a perfect substitute for the football, and users swiped as many into the field goal posts as possible in 60 seconds.

To amplify the game, we created branded influencer kits containing fresh Cherubs®, field goal posts, and swag. Influencers were asked to play the physical adaptation of the game with distance shots and trick shots, and help demonstrate the snacking potential of our products by showing off their best NatureSweet game-time snacks.



Influencers spanning from foodies, sports stars, and football commentators each put their own spin on the game and personal recipes.



We leveraged the assets created by us and influencers to build out a paid and organic social plan in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Our audience’s response was momentous.


The game was played over 149,000 times in 3 weeks. Our Field Goal Feast campaign even tied to the final field goal that determined the Super Bowl LVII win, and NatureSweet® won it in the produce category with gaming fans.

  • 3M Facebook Impressions
  • 1.5M Instagram Impresisons
  • 2M TikTok Impressions
  • 10M Twitter Impressions