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270B is a minority-owned business

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Digital Rebranding

The Opportunity

NatureSweet®, the number one selling brand in snack tomatoes, is known for its award-winning quality of greenhouse-grown produce, and their belief that having a transformative impact on the agricultural industry starts with their own people.

With the launch of their new cucumber and pepper product lines and a new brand identity to encompass them, it was time for a website revamp.

The Keys To Success

Keys to success included activating their new branding and search engine optimization and highlighting their Raised Right message.

To ensure we designed a site that met customers’ needs, we started with an in-depth user experience exploration to understand the information they were looking for and what drove engagement on the site.

Our Design Process

We leveraged these learnings to develop new wireframes that better showcased key messages and encouraged brand exploration. With wireframes complete, we created captivating designs with a new look and feel and brought them to life in development.

Key Updates Included:

  • New category pages to showcase the different product lines and highlight the various use cases and product benefits



  • Expanded the Raised Right page on the company mission to improve the lives of agricultural workers across North America



  • Created Associate profile pages with a comment board to showcase the awesome messages consumers write to our associate’s thanks to our Associates Under the Lid program
  • Improved ecomm experience to allow more users to shop directly on the website or find produce in stock nearest to them
  • Established modular promotions pages to allow the client team to maintain and customize per activation simply and easily


  • Updated the Recipe hub to filter content by use case like salsas/sauces/stews, tacos, bowls, and game day recipes as well as by-products for maximum user flexibility


As a result of our partnership, the NatureSweet® site has increased engagement and conversions.

270B, brave enough to do big.