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Barbie Marketing Collaborations

The Barbie movie has been out for a few weeks, but the hype is not over! 270B went to see the movie as a team and let’s just say it was a major vibe with tons of inspo.

Brands everywhere are capitalizing on the Barbie movie – or should I say, movement. From roller skates to eye shadow palettes, there’s no category left behind and every brand is clamoring to be involved. Lets unpack some of the agency’s favorite Barbie marketing collabs.



One of the most epic collabs is with Airbnb. They brought the Barbie DreamHouse to life and the wanderlust is REAL. Users could enter to win a stay in Ken’s room at Barbie’s Malibu DreamHouse. Other perks include ‘taking a spin through Ken’s awesome wardrobe to find your best beach fit or channeling your inner cowboy and learn[ing] a line dance or two on Ken’s outdoor disco dance floor.’1

Other home collabs include: 

  • Xbox released exclusive Forza Horizon in-game content and special Xbox hardware.
  • Funboy released a line of Barbie-themed inflatables – including a Malibu Barbie Golf Cart and Speed Boat Pool Float.
  • Polaroid created an exclusive Barbie-themed Polaroid from recycled, vintage Polaroid materials.



Modern Barbie is up to date on all the latest tech and digital. 

Bumble is helping singles find their ‘Best Date Ever’. The app gives users a crash course on sending compliments, Barbie-style. Across the app, Barbie and friends will be popping up in swipe queues to give tips on why kindness is cool with compliment inspiration:

Love to see that we have the same Interest Badges! As we’re both into comedies, thoughts on seeing the “Barbie” movie together? 

That photo of you dancing is so good—was it taken at a giant blowout party with planned choreography?2

Warner Bros’ Barbie Selfie Generator helps users whip up their very own Barbie movie poster using their AI-powered photo-editing app, PhotoRoom. As of the end of August, the interactive barbieselfie.ai filter has been used over 13 million times since its viral April 3 release.3

For a limited-time, Roku TV’s home screen will display a Barbie-themed placement with Barbie and Ken. When streamers pause or take a break from watching on Roku, branded imagery takes over Roku City with hues of pink, blue, and purple. If that isn’t enough, viewers can also purchase movie tickets via a QR code on the homepage from their local theatres.4



The food and beverage category is an interesting one for Barbie, because there’s no ‘real’ food in Barbieland. So how did these brands weave themselves into the conversation? Exclusive and innovative flavors.

  • Krispy Kreme Philippines is offering two new specialty donuts with hints of strawberry and bubblegum as well as a cotton-candy chiller drink.5
  • Cold Stone introduced special cake and ice cream flavors. The All That Glitters is Pink Creation™ perfectly combines Pink Cotton Candy Ice Cream, Graham Cracker Pie Crust, Dance Party Sprinkles and Whipped Topping. 
  • PinkBerry created a limited-time flavor that’s a blend of strawberry and dragonfruit frozen yogurt topped with Dream Sparkles. They also hosted a sweepstakes for a movie prize package with tickets and a swag bag. 

Swoon did a great job at creating a campaign that has impact and meaning behind it. 

Their mission is to ‘make people happier and healthier’ one zero sugar drink at a time. We love healthy! And if that’s not enough, 10% of net sales of Barbie x Swoon Pink Lemonade supports the Dream Gap Project, an ongoing global initiative that aims to give girls the resources and support they need to continue to believe that you can be anything.



A major movie theme is we’re all beautiful – with or without cellulite. 

Mermade took a unique approach to their campaign. It focused on having fun with your hair to spark your inner confidence, rather than having the perfect ‘do. They leveraged a diverse set of influencers to promote their Barbie Wavy and Blowout Kit via social media to send a message that “no matter what age you are, you deserve to feel confident, alive & empowered.6

  • Truly launched a collection of body butters and serums to ‘channel that fearless Barbie™ spirit.’7
  • Nyx released a nine-piece collection that is fun, colorful and playful, just like Barbie. The perfect collectible item for superfans!
  • Chi is celebrating their 30th anniversary of Totally Hair Barbie – Mattel’s best-selling Barbie – with three limited-edition hairstyling tools designed with the pattern worn by Totally Hair Barbie herself.



Barbie was all the fashion girlies’ (and guys’) dreams come true! More than ever, the fashion and entertainment worlds are colliding. Fashion looks are the event and not the other way around. From watching Margot Robbie wear iconic Barbie looks during the movie’s press run, to seeing friends and creators dressing up for the movie – everyone tuned in. 

Some iconic fashion collabs include: 

  • Barbie x Loungefly designed the chicest backpack and matching wallet we’ve ever seen. It features gold-colored metal hardware, adjustable straps, vegan leather and on-trend colors. Oh, and it’s an officially licensed Mattel product.
  • The pink collection of Crocs will help you step into your most confident self.8 They’re available for kids and adults, and have exclusive Crocs charms to pair with them.
  • Fossil’s collection of Barbie accessories are ‘beyond dreamy.’ From gold charm bracelets to special-edition timepieces, you’ll be ready to take on the day in style.

And to think, these are just the tip of the iceberg of ‘Operation Barbie Summer!’ Barbie’s marketing strategy successfully immersed us IRL in every part of the Barbie world and culture – with brands playing a critical role in driving culture. Thanks to this, the Barbie Movie has been a memorable experience for us all and we CAN’T wait until Barbie 2.



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