We Started A Blog, You Won’t Believe Why…Well You Might

  • Posted on 05-30-19, at 12:00 pm
  • Agency Life

We’re Starting a Blog for 270B

We have so much happening here on a daily basis and we want you to know about it! We think you’ll find it not only entertaining but also pretty interesting and informative. We hope it will make you want to work with us. When an opportunity opens up, maybe even come work for us.

A Little History

Let’s back up a little bit. How did we get here and what the heck is a 270B?

Like many companies, we started as a one-man shop a little over 12 years ago. Our founder met with a would-be client, and that one project turned into multiple projects and then multiple clients.

Since accepting our first project, we have grown a team of 15 and we have several office locations – including one in Brazil! We’ve also worked with some pretty cool clients, such as Avocados From Mexico, Bud Light, AT&T, Guerro, The American Egg Board, Fresh Gourmet and more!

Our Home Base Happens To Be Our Hometown

Oh yeah, we should mention that our home base is Frisco, Texas. We love Frisco! It’s one of the fastest growing and safest communities in the nation. Not only that, but many of us live in either Frisco or a surrounding suburb. It gives us the opportunity to work close to home, be part of a strong local community and region that is very friendly towards businesses and promotes corporate growth. We have a very healthy work/life balance, when compared to other agencies of similar size in our industry.

Ch, Ch, Ch Changes

In October, we went through an agency rebrand. It was the perfect timing for us. We had just moved to a new office space, and we had just brought on several new team members, plus we were close to a new calendar year. When we first started, we were called Wealthy Mind Creative Solutions, a name which was based on an influential idea from one of our founder’s mentors. We had a little bit of equity in that brand, but people kept thinking we were a financial services company. We had a huge task ahead of us, which was to create a name and a brand that not only represented who we had become but also what we are able to do.

Becoming 270B

We developed the name 270B as a nod to that first “real” office suite, where our agency grew, our corporate foundation was laid and corporate culture was formed. We never want to forget the humble roots of our agency. The “B” was a fortunate coincidence and also stands for the last names of our founders, Kristian and Alessandra Bottini. Lastly, we like to think that we do a little more than just turn a brand around. We go beyond taking clients from good to great. We reach a little further and are willing to do a little more.

A Whole Lot Of New At The Agency

A new space, a new brand, new people, new clients and even a new website. It’s an exciting time in our agency and we know that we’re growing something very special – an agency that is different from others you know about. We’re an agency that isn’t afraid to do big.

Come Back Now, Ya’ Hear

So there you have it… Our first blog. We hope it gave you a little insight on what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.  Please keep checking back as we add regular blog posts. You can also check us out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. See you on the internet or in our office, whichever you prefer.


What else would you like us to write about? Is there anything more in this post you’d like to know more about? What is missing in other blogs that you think we should include in ours?