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How We’re Using AI At The Agency

AI is a hot topic of conversation and we’re finding lots of ways to utilize it around the agency.


To test how AI can help with everyday tasks, we created a presentation about AI using AI. Seems risky at first, but we were pleasantly surprised with the results.

View the full presentation here – and maybe even learn a thing or two you didn’t know about AI.


With the help of deep learning algorithms, AI systems can now create images that are scary realistic – sometimes to the point where it’s hard to distinguish them from images created by a real person.

Lensa, an app made by Prisma Labs, Inc., is a photo and editing app powered by AI that went viral in 2022 for creating unbelievably accurate and beautiful portraits of people from their own selfies. Apps like these are becoming more and more popular and we’ve used several in our day-to-day projects, including platforms like Midjourney and ChatGBT. 

If you want a really easy way to test this technology out, I’ve enjoyed an app called WOMBO Dream AI Art Generator. You simply type in a prompt and the platform will create an image for you in whatever style you choose. 

Here are some example prompts: “Futuristic library”, “City full of plants”, “Car on the beach”

It’s pretty fun to use and I’ve found it helpful for ideation and brainstorming. As an account manager (and not a creative), sometimes it can be hard to communicate certain ideas visually. And even if you are creative, you may not have the time or means to explore different styles and techniques. AI image generators make it easy to try out new things in a short amount of time.


AI voice technologies have been around for some time, but they are becoming more advanced and we’re finding more applications for our agency work.

Concept Presentations

Selling an idea is much easier when clients can see how it comes to life creatively. As a production agency who is constantly developing videos for our clients, we run into this challenge all the time. Thanks to AI and our willingness to experiment, gone are the days where we rely on a simple script and mood board.

After testing a few platforms, we’re now using AI-generated voice and stock video to generate concept videos that feel like the real thing. Sure, we could use our own voices, but AI gives us an endless bank of different sounds and styles. Plus, it’s always available and doesn’t hate the sound of its own voice!

Genius Music Lab

In collaboration with our client Avocados From Mexico, we helped create The Genius Music Lab. It is an AI-powered tool that analyzes users’ Spotify listening data to determine their favorite genre. Once the AI finds your match, you write custom lyrics and our AI Voice integration will sing your custom lyrics to the beat and tune of your personalized track. 

Personalization is one of the biggest advantages of AI. Being able to tailor responses, messages, and content – in real time – will enable brands to speak directly to each customer and serve content that is relevant to them.



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