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Avocados From Mexico


The Opportunity

Super Bowl is historically one of the biggest Avo consumption dates, in the form of guacamole of course. An estimated 50,000 MT of the beloved fruit is consumed in a single day across the USA. As such, it is one of the biggest stages for AFM’s brand awareness.For Super Bowl 56, the eighth big game 270B has participated in, the ask was to“combine best-in class brand building with data-and technology-enabled shopper and digital strategies that will make the 2022 Big Game campaign the most effective we’ve had to date.” Alvaro Luque, president, and CEOof AFM.We were inspired to capitalize on growing trends around gamified website experiences.

The Story

We created the House of Goodness, featuring Drew Brees, as a home for all things Always Good. In each of the various rooms within the house there are experiences to explore including:

  • 3D House and avocado themed living room, kitchen, and master closet, including easter eggs to the TV campaign throughout
  • Users are encouraged to engage across social media channels to enter to win a $100k Smart Home Makeover
  • Always Good Social Gallery capturing real-time social content
  • Goodness Meter measures and showcases how much goodness we are putting back into the internet
  • AR Selfie with Drew Brees himself
  • Exclusive recipe content, including Drew’s favorite guacamole and other Big Game inspired treats
  • Online redeemable coupon/rebate
  • How-to content to showcase Avocado storage, ripening, and endless other tips and tricks
  • Our custom 3D rendered Avocado Glow clothing line
  • And More!


We won the big game with: