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Avocados From Mexico


“At Avocados From Mexico we take pride in defying the traditional conventions of the industry and reinventing the rules of produce marketing. That requires relentless innovation efforts to push boundaries and conquer new spaces. To carry out that mission we need partners that are as passionate, creative and disruptive as we are, and 270B is as good as they come.”

Ivonne Kinser Vice President, Marketing & Innovation, Avocados From Mexico


Rebrands should be more than just a fresh coat of paint.

As Avocados From Mexico prepared to refresh their brand, we leveraged the creative opportunity to also overhaul the brand’s user experience online. We audited over two thousand pages of rich web content and uncovered a huge opportunity to better deliver our avocado goodness to our audience.


First, we reorganized the site’s navigation to improve access across its treasure trove of avocado goodness.

Then, we developed a modular content framework for efficient creation of future content. We introduced a new page type – the “hub” page. These hub pages provide a centralized place to explore a variety of content and experiences for AFM’s core brand pillars.

Finally, we established new guidelines for how the refreshed brand comes to life across the web, capturing the brand’s vibrant, unmistakable identity from the top domain down.


Avocados From Mexico’s site visitors are staying longer, exploring more, and engaging deeper with brand messaging.