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Google IO 2023 Keynote

Google I/O is an annual developer conference held each spring where the latest news, platform updates, products, and future innovations are revealed.1 I had high expectations and let me tell you, they were met. I…

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Natural Products Expo West 2023 Conference Recap

EXPO West is the largest trade show focused on natural foods. It draws around 100,000 people each year to Anaheim, CA, to see and showcase…

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How We’re Using AI At The Agency

AI is a hot topic of conversation and we’re finding lots of ways to utilize it around the agency. AI-GENERATED PRESENTATION To test how AI…

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Tapping Into Gen Z Social Media Culture: Music and Food

We all know how much Instagram has evolved over time–heck, even within the last year. Influencers have taken control, images are so last year, and…

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Key Trends From The International Fresh Produce Association 2022 Global Produce Show

At the end of October, Kristian Bottini (CEO of 270B) and I had the opportunity to attend the International Fresh Produce Association 2022 Global Produce…

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