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Apple’s New AR Headset

Apple recently released the news of their AR headset – the Apple Vision Pro.

Everyone has their take on the new tech. As a digital agency specializing in online experiences, our POV is the hype won’t last.

While the new immersive tech looks fun and is an intuitive way to use the Apple suite of apps, there are several key downsides:

  • Minimal new capabilities: The glasses allow users to interact in a new way with existing Apple apps like Facetime, video, and photos. What I did not see in the promotional materials is any new capabilities added to the Apple suite.
  • Less connection to the physical space: While the glass on the front visor is translucent, the immersive nature makes the user less present with those in their physical presence. On the other hand, this new technology helps connect people more immersive across the world, enabling deeper connections from afar. This is where technology can help better the human experience.
  • High cost means less scale for marketers: Not unlike many devices before it, new tech requires high initial costs to recoup development. However, the high cost makes it prohibitory for the average person to experience it. When the tech doesn’t have scale, that dissuades brands and developers from creating additional unique experiences with it. Once a few iterations are released, more users can own it – accelerating the drive to expand its capabilities.

Like many other new tech introductions, this may not be the immediate industry game changer the industry touts it as, but we must accept that evolution is a lot closer than we think.

Smartphones and even computers will be a thing of the past like iPods were a big part of our daily lives. Without experiencing it yet, my fear is it will be an added distraction to an already distracted life.

Here are some key specs:

  • Precise hand and eye tracking via 3D mapping
  • Responsive precision eye tracking
  • 3D Cameras
  • Immersive spatial audio
  • Immersive video
  • Translucent glass for real-world connection
  • Micro OLED display with 23M pixels


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